I got the belt tonight

Yes, I got the belt tonight we always fight because I don’t put up with shit and he thinks I have a smart mouth.  I called him a liar.  So, I should interject that I know him better than any other woman he has ever been with.  I have known him since I was very little in fact, I would say all my views on men were based on him.

When we were kids he was often stuck in charge of me and I adored him and followed him around.  I watched him and I was there often when he lied to his mom or dad, so I know all his tells.  He was very good to me and took me everywhere and showered me with attention and gifts until he turned about 13 and girls came into the picture.

He would not spend any time with me anymore because I was not a teenage girl.  Oh, how I cried but we still had this strong connection that could never break.  Like 40 years later we are together now for almost 10 years longer than either of us has been with anyone.  I don’t even remember what he lied about, but I knew he lied to me and he lied to me a couple of times and it just worries me and we were yelling at each other last night and I guess I made him really pissed off and I thought I was going to get the belt last night.  Instead I got 5 lashes.  He called that an easy one, but it wasn’t.  He said he gave me a light one because I did all my chores and was obedient.  He told me to take off my panties and put the pink and blue ball-gag in my mouth and he has me lay on the bed while he spanks me with the leather belt.  While he spanks me with the belt he usually reminds me what I did wrong and what he expects in the future.  Then, he takes the ball gag out and I lay on his chest and cry.  He holds and comforts me and then, I stroke him through his pants until he is hard and I pull him out and suck him very slow deep-throated him hard until I gag.  We lay in the 69 position because he is not done spanking me.

After, we finish we get the journal and he writes his expectations for this week and new punishment of 10 because he thought he was being too light this week .  The intensity of the feelings between us makes it exciting, scary, and passionate fun.  I like submitting to him pleasing him and serving him, but because of his intense feelings for me I think that he holds back during the punishment at times, but I think it’s better when he is angry because he doesn’t hold back and I remember to follow the rules.


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