I got the belt tonight

Yes, I got the belt tonight we always fight because I don’t put up with shit and he thinks I have a smart mouth.  I called him a liar.  So, I should interject that I know him better than any other woman he has ever been with.  I have known him since I was very little in fact, I would say all my views on men were based on him.

When we were kids he was often stuck in charge of me and I adored him and followed him around.  I watched him and I was there often when he lied to his mom or dad, so I know all his tells.  He was very good to me and took me everywhere and showered me with attention and gifts until he turned about 13 and girls came into the picture.

He would not spend any time with me anymore because I was not a teenage girl.  Oh, how I cried but we still had this strong connection that could never break.  Like 40 years later we are together now for almost 10 years longer than either of us has been with anyone.  I don’t even remember what he lied about, but I knew he lied to me and he lied to me a couple of times and it just worries me and we were yelling at each other last night and I guess I made him really pissed off and I thought I was going to get the belt last night.  Instead I got 5 lashes.  He called that an easy one, but it wasn’t.  He said he gave me a light one because I did all my chores and was obedient.  He told me to take off my panties and put the pink and blue ball-gag in my mouth and he has me lay on the bed while he spanks me with the leather belt.  While he spanks me with the belt he usually reminds me what I did wrong and what he expects in the future.  Then, he takes the ball gag out and I lay on his chest and cry.  He holds and comforts me and then, I stroke him through his pants until he is hard and I pull him out and suck him very slow deep-throated him hard until I gag.  We lay in the 69 position because he is not done spanking me.

After, we finish we get the journal and he writes his expectations for this week and new punishment of 10 because he thought he was being too light this week .  The intensity of the feelings between us makes it exciting, scary, and passionate fun.  I like submitting to him pleasing him and serving him, but because of his intense feelings for me I think that he holds back during the punishment at times, but I think it’s better when he is angry because he doesn’t hold back and I remember to follow the rules.


Boring day

I have been studying, doing laundry and cooking all day. Honey decided on roast, so I made homemade coleslaw and roasted Yukon gold and red potatoes drizzled with olive oil, green onion and a three cheese blend sprinkled on top (cooked on the side).  We eat very healthy and since my body belongs to him he expects it to be fit and toned.  I have a gym routine and membership so if I don’t go and continually improve my body to his expectation, I will have a punishment spanking.   I don’t want to give you the impression his is this brutal guy, because he isn’t.

He only expects 3 gym days a week and eating 1500 calories a day.  This is totally safe and appropriate (for my weight and we have input by a doctor).  You can basically eat unlimited vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini as long as they are steamed, or boiled (you lose nutrients here in the water).  Lettuce cucumber tomato salad is good if you use cilantro and onion and chop the tomato you don’t really need salad dressing it is really good without it and has a very refreshing taste with the cilantro.

I am waiting for the potatoes to be done so I can go to the gym and work out.  My life is about waiting.  Waiting for the clothes to dry, waiting for the work week to end.  He has been really good I did something a few weeks ago.  I had pizza at little c’s the lunch special, but I wasn’t suppose to have it.  Wow, was I shocked when I did not get the spanking of a life time.  Like, when I think it was Big Mac that I ate. Every time we have a long weekend were just together too much and we end up fighting, so wish me luck.  I have a lot to do before Sunday and if the things on my list aren’t done I have a punishment spanking coming.





A New Approach

We have been busy with life and looking for a new approach because our life keeps changing we keep changing and our relationship keeps evolving. We have acquired some new toys and I love pink we bought some pink and fuzzy restraints, a collar, a leash, pink ball gag, whip, and pink rope.  I like pink I like to be soft and sweet for him.

Our new approach to correcting my behavior is a weekly meeting and journal.  This involves a meeting once a week after my weekend spanking.  I get my maintenance spanking on Friday, so if it is bad I have a few days to recover.  I got a pretty bad spanking a little while ago it hurt so bad I could barely sit for several days just sitting down hurt so bad my butt was burning so bad and it was so hard to work like that.

During the meeting we discuss what behavior needs to be corrected.  What his expectations are for the weekend and what chores I need to do.  If I choose not to obey the consequences are listed in  my journal.  Now, I get spanked wearing restraints because I was trying to cover my butt during the spanking.  I have my hands tied behind my back and my feet in restraints.  I got spanked tonight with the pink flogger it hurt, but it was not too bad.  Afterward, I usually give him a very long blow job.  I repeatedly suck him slowly deepthroating him.  He pushes his cock all the way down my throat until he gags me and pulls it slowly out of my mouth over and over and I gently and slowly slide my mouth all the way down his shaft while looking into his eyes.  My job is to make him as comfortable as possible and satisfy him.  He decides if I am allowed to have his cock inside me.  Tonight after sucking his cock for a while we finally had sex.  I want his cock all the time it feels so good, but I will faithfully submit and swallow his cum if I am told to.    I fully submit to him I like pleasing him and obeying him. It feels so natural for him to dominate me.

Getting Closer Than I Ever Imagined

My master and I have become so much closer as a result of my complete submission to him.  A major component I feel is the strong trust in our relationship.  I know that most people don’t and can’t ever really have a relationship like ours, because I have known him since I was four years old and he was ten.

Recently, we took a nice trip and went to the coast for a few days and because of children from previous relationships this is the first trip we had time alone together with no children. It was about us and there were spankings during the trip, but there was no belt there was the ocean, us and things we liked to do.  It was wonderful, but then it was time to go home and I disobeyed.  I lied about it and I got probably the hardest belting ever, but I was actually glad that I finally told him.  I felt better telling him and I felt better after I was spanked.  I made him so angry that he hit me so hard the paddle broke in half and now, because of that, I will get the belt or his hand from now on.

I know that it sounds crazy but our relationship is so much better and we have grown so much closer.  We could fight for up to two weeks not talking, or yelling at each other and now it doesn’t last long and he is very patient with me.  I ache for him like I have ached for no other man.  I have loved him above all other men, even my ex husband.  I like submitting to him, I like belonging to him.  I knew even when I was little that I belonged to him.  In my twenties I met this man who loved me, but in my heart of hearts I loved my master and my whole life I compared everyone to him partly the real him and partly the illusion of his greatness that I built up in my mind about him since I was a young girl.  When, I was little he showered me with attention and took me everywhere with him until he was about 13 and he met girls.  He has always been so gorgeous and handsome and I was very jealous of his girlfriends, but I knew that one day he would be mine again.   I knew since I was little I was meant to be with him. Anyway, this man loved me and my parents loved him and then one day I went to a funeral and the man who loved me watched as I interacted with the man I loved since childhood and he knew just by the way I looked at my master.  He said, “Oh My God, you still love him I can see it on your face.”   I was engaged to that man, and a few weeks later I broke the engagement and I still would not see my master until 12 years later and from that day we have only been apart for 3 days when I visited a cousin out of state.

I have a smart mouth and he likes to punish me for that.  He ball gags me, ties my hands behind my back and spanks me hard with the belt.  I like the loss of power, I like knowing that if I do something I shouldn’t eat fast food or skip the gym he will hold me accountable and spank me.  I feel protected and cherished and I willingly accept the consequences and I kneel and submit to my master.  He puts the ball gag on me and reminds me of what I am being punished for and spanks me.  Then, he holds me while I cry and then when I am ok.  I show him my devotion by sucking his cock slowly and he sometimes spanks me hard and gives me instructions like take it to the back of your throat he likes to be deepthroated like that.  I belong to him period and fully understand that now and I feel so good in his arms and I know we will be together forever.



Friday Night

Friday night was wonderful I actually got to have sex with my master.  He likes to watch me suffer since, I have a very high sex drive.  He enjoys withholding sex from me.  Last night, he fucked me so good.  He likes to have me bent over because he likes the view of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and the cream on his cock every time he pulls it out. He likes to see how wet he can make me with wanting and denial.  Making me dripping wet just for him.   He likes to pull it all the way out and shove it in me hard while pulling my hair back hard.  My masters cock feels so good inside me I crave it all the time.  If he is feeling especially generous he will take his hot cock out of my pussy and slide it in between my soaking wet pussy lips and let the head of his throbbing cock bump against my clit until I am screaming.  He lets me orgasm over and over and then he shoves it hard into me jerking me back onto his hard cock.  He pounds his cock into me until every ounce of cum is drained from his cock.  Friday night is my favorite.

Saturday, on the other hand is not so great, Saturday is maintenance day.   I have been ordered to write on the blog today.  This weekend is filled with the mundane; activities like getting the oil changed, paying bills and cleaning the house, how exciting.  I got my maintenance spanking this afternoon.  My master is in favor of the belt much more these days than the paddle.   I have to admit that I know I am loved and cherished because I know that he can hit harder and he only does that if I have done something that pissed him off.  Maintenance Day is usually about serving my master.  I get my belt spanking and he reviews with me the rules as I am being spanked with the belt.  He demands strict obedience or I will have a hard punishment spanking.  I am a very sarcastic woman and my mouth has nearly earned a punishment spanking, but my master has a lot of patience with me because our relationship is very deep.  In our relationship the maintenance spanking is always followed by him grabbing my hair and asking me if this will be the only spanking I need this week and reviewing the rules again while he can see my face.   The major rules are first OBEDIENCE!   Then, eating 1500 calories and going to the gym everyday and no fast food without his permission.  I also, have to send him a picture of what I am eating for lunch at work.  After, this happens he holds me for a while and we lay in his bed together.  We sleep in separate beds mine is next to his with pink curtains in between. (some people think this is for some bdsm reason, but it is actually because we had different work shifts when we first got together and I am a light sleeper.  He also, smokes so he wakes up constantly to have a cigarette and the movement of the bed wakes me up)  Usually the cuddling leads up to a session of my pleasing my master with my mouth.  Kissing his chest and down his stomach he likes long slow sloppy wet deep throating blow jobs.  He spent a whole summer training me to deep throat him without gaging, but he does like to make me gag. I think he likes to see my eyes tearing up and the saliva pouring out of my mouth all over his hard cock.  Today, he choked me with his cock hard my eyes were tearing up and  he shoved it down hard fucking my mouth until I was gagging on his cock.  He likes when I serve him like that and I am obedient and sucking all the cum out of his cock as he cums down my throat.  Today, he didn’t make me swallow, but most of the time he does.  The rest of the day has been kind of lazy just laying in bed typing this while we watch shows we like.

Preparing Dinner for my Master

I feel so domestic lol I am here preparing a meal for my Master.  We had a good time yesterday he surprised me with a day trip to the mountains and we went hiking.  We used to do that a lot when we were younger.  I have known him since I was a toddler.  We had a really nice day, but he did a maintenance spanking before we went.  He is using the belt more and part of my discipline plan is I have to look at spanking videos on the net and watch them.  If I see a new method I send the video to him.

This one scared me to pieces because I don’t want something this bad  http://www.xvideos.com/video11643059/hard_belt_spanking_for_wife

This one seemed ok but I still would not want it


So, we are going to start posting them, but we will wear masks.

I am a professional in my field, so although we have this side to our relationship we really don’t want most of our friends to know about it.

I am keeping up with the blog since I am home and cooking he is a mountian kind of guy and he likes a home cooked meal when he is working in the moutians all day.   He loves me so he is not especially brutal unless he is very angry.  I like this, and I like being dominated like this so it’s totally consenual.  We have a really deep connection so I don’t think there is anyone I would do this with other than him.  Generally if it is a real punishment day we don’t have any sex 😦 unless it’s in my ass because he knows I won’t enjoy that.

We have been using a ball gag lately and he ties my hands behind my back.  I am very sarcastic so sometimes I really get it with the belt.  Lately, though he has been leinient, but now he is off for a few weeks, so he has time.  We live together but some days we are both so busy with work and other obligations we just fall asleep next to eachother.  The other night I just fell asleep next to him I don’t even remember the last thing I said.  I am up to doing one hour of cardio a day now.

I have cut my calories to 1,500 a day, and I think by Christmas I should be looking really good.

I am going to check in more and should be posting videos soon.  I am not sure if I am getting the belt today, or not.  If I do he will want to post it!  I am sure there will be one on the first week of August.


Neglecting the Blog

Well, it has been months since I posted we have both been very busy, but getting deeper and deeper in the lifestyle.

We made several videos and we are trying to decide whether to post them, or not.  We are not sure if we can.  They are very real spankings, we have decided to use butt plugs and ball-gag and leash.  He is spanking me pretty hard with the belt and yanking my hair back hard.

We noticed that if he doesn’t give me my maintenance spanking things get out of control and escalate to yelling and screaming at eachother.  I have completely submitted to him I have to do everything he tells me, or I get spanked.   I take down my panties and he ties my hands behind my back.  He starts with the paddle swatting me hard and fast today and he decided that I was extremely insolent, so he went out and then came back and just lost it and started spanking me really hard, and then grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me hard in my ass, with no lube.  It makes me feel so much better when he takes control.  I know that I belong to him and must obey him.  There I lay squirming from the paddle in his lap.  The closer we get the more intense it gets.

He uses butt plugs in my ass now, and I have to keep it in while he fucks me.  I was really freaked out the first time he put it in me it felt like ice and it was so invading in my ass.  It hurt, but his cock hurt worse the first time he put it in my ass without lube I cried out in pain and started to cry.  Now, I can tolerate his cock and he likes to fuck my ass pretty hard. He grabs my hips and just power fucks my ass.  He will fuck my mouth like that also, and he likes to see me gag and choke on his hard cock, trying to catch my breath but he is choking me with his cock.  The saliva pouring out all over his cock and dripping from my mouth.  He fills my mouth with his cum pinching my nose and making me swallow him.

If you are reading this and interested in seeing the videos let me know in the comments and we will start posting them.

Day Two

Today was day 2 of my reminder maintenance for back talking when we went out to dinner.  My job is to maintain daily exercise and 1500 calories or less per day, no back-talking, and I must be totally submit to him in everything I do.  No arguing what so ever.  Well, he has stepped it up, gone are the easy maintenance spankings. My ass is burning tonight and I am so glad I don’t have to go to night class until Thursday, because it burns so bad.  He warned me tonight if I snap at him again it will be a full blown punishment spanking with his hand and the belt.  He also explained that the spankings he has been giving me are light and he can really make my ass red and then he will make me post a picture of my ass all blistered up on here.  Surprisingly we had some really awesome sex afterward.  I say suprisingly because on days I get spanked I generally do not get any sex and I have to suck him off until he cums and I have to swallow all of it.  I would have to say it was a good night even with the spanking.


I am supposed to say how I am getting maintenance spankings this week due to my transgression against him at our dinner out instead of a punishment.  The reason I did not get a punishment is because I immediately stopped behaving like that after a warning.

So tonight I was given a very hard spanking first with his hand and then with the paddle and yes that is the real paddle and belt used on me!

If I get a punishment he is going to post a picture of my blistered ass on my blog.  The punishment is 20 with the hand and 20 with the belt.

After he gave me the maintenance tonight I deep throated him.  He likes me to do it for a long time to practice.  He shoves his cock down my throat and cums.  He likes to wrap my hair in his fist and shove me down his cock.  He had me open my mouth so he could see all the cum and made me swallow it. He spanked me again after that because I said my butt did not hurt.  This is to give me something to think about if I decide to eat fast food.




Maintenance Spankings Every Day This Week

I am not looking forward to the maintenance spanking because he has now decided that he will stop when I am crying and I am not supposed to like it.  He likes to spank me at 9:00, so I must stop everything I am doing and pull my panties down for him.  He spanks me first with his hand and then the paddle.  I got the belt last night I screamed after two lashes, it was pretty harsh and he stopped and did ten lashes, later.  He continued with the paddle so I ended up with thirty last night.

Today, I walked for an hour and didn’t go over my calories mainly because I do not want the belt.  It hurts pretty bad.  He told his best friend that he spanking my ass now everytime I get out of line.  I am lucky I am not getting the punishment spanking because I said something he did not like at the restaurant last night.  He likes to train me to suck his cock deep throating it all the way some times he makes me do it for a long time really slow, and other times he grabs my hair really hard and shoves my mouth down his cock until I am gaging and can’t breathe.  He cums and makes me swallow all of it, if I refuse it’s an immediate spanking.